Body temperature and pulse: cheap n' useful metrics to monitor

[a work in progress]

Influenced by the ideas of Ray Peat and Broda Barnes, I monitor my body temperature and pulse a couple times a day to watch for trends in stress and metabolism.

Josh "Can Lift More Iron Than Should Be Legal" Rubin has a useful page outlining how to measure and what different values might suggest.

I've tried more thermometers than I'd like to admit (including all kinds of cheapo ones, the commonly-suggested Geratherm, and the well-reviewed Exergen temporal artery scanner), and I've finally found one that I harrass everyone I know to buy, the Braun Thermoscan 5 ear thermometer. I've found it more reliably-repeatable and convenient than any of the others, which makes it easy for me to stay consistent. They go pretty cheap on ebay if you get an open-box / used model. You just have to overcome the mental images that it might've already been used by these guys.

Body organ cartoon characters with YouTube play button

If you're interested in self-testing as I am, you might enjoy my explainer videos and my Facebook / Twitter.


Please leave a comment if you see a way to improve this page or if you have any questions. Keep in mind that I know little about the medical side of bloodwork, I just enjoy making sites with lists of things.

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