You can order your own blood tests, which still surprises me when I think about it. So I cobbled together this site from my collection of notes/price-lists to help people when I hassle them about bloodwork:

You might also enjoy my blood test explainer videos:
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Or my /

How does the process work?

Generally, you place an order from a consumer-oriented web site that then sends you a form to take to a local blood-draw center. They'll take a blood sample and you'll usually receive the results over e-mail within a few days. Often the company will offer some kind of consultation based on the results. Here's the full details of the process.

Regional issues

Why do I blood test?

Buying my own bloodwork lets me:

What tests do I get?

My favorite hobbies in life are feeling good and not dying. So I mainly monitor:

Over the years I've also been known to get individual tests to check hypotheses, like ferritin (for iron status), ceruloplasmin (for copper status), vitamin D (for managing my avoidance of that pesky "outdoors" thing), and TSH / T3 / T4 / reverse T3 (for thyroid function).

And if I ever overcome my guilt on spending a good $900+ on bloodwork over the years, I'd be curious to test some of the more expensive things like selenium, glutathione, and organic acids.

I also have a page on resources for tracking, understanding, and influencing your bloodwork.

Full list of tests (with company price comparisons)

Compare the options from the eight direct-to-consumer providers I know of for the following tests:

LabEspy and FindLabTest have more-comprehensive price comparisons if you're hunting for a test or provider I don't have.

I also have some Ray Peat related resources.


Let me know if I've missed any tests you're interested in, or if you just want to reminisce about how good The Office was.

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