Learn how to test bloodwork and more without a doctor

What's this weird site about?

Dan Wich looking disgusted at a urine test

In spite of my grumpy expression, I enjoy monitoring health-related tests in an attempt to improve them. So I built this site to compile all the resources for doing your own testing. It's also meant to convey the idea that you don't need a doctor to get your own bloodwork, which was surprising to me starting out.

If you'd like to see updates, I'll be posting on the Facebook page. I know it says TestProviders, that was just the name of the even-more-boring version of this site.

Tests I've found particularly useful

General articles

Full list of tests

Compare the options from the eight direct-to-consumer providers I know of for the following tests:


Let me know if I've missed any tests you're interested in, or if you just want to reminisce about how good The Office was.

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