How to get your TSH tested

Order TSH (thyroxine-stimulating hormone) blood testing online

In the majority of US states you can order TSH testing online and have the blood drawn at a local blood draw center (see my general overview of the process).

I'd suggest ordering from Life Extension because they have the cheapest price I know of ($31), and I've been happy with their service. You can also compare the other 6 TSH test providers I've found.

Take a look at my state-specific issues page if you're in AZ, MD, NJ, NY or RI.

Understanding the results

I think my (slightly-silly) video gives a good overview of TSH that helps you avoid misinterpreting it:

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry has helpful pages for understanding the test and answering common questions.

Body organ cartoon characters with YouTube play button

If you're interested in self-testing as I am, you might enjoy my explainer videos and my Facebook / Twitter.


Please leave a comment if you see a way to improve this page or if you have any questions. Keep in mind that I know little about the medical side of bloodwork, I just enjoy making sites with lists of things.

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