How to get your carbon dioxide tested

Order carbon dioxide (bicarbonate) blood testing online

In the majority of US states you can order carbon dioxide testing online and have the blood drawn at a local blood draw center (see my general overview of the process).

For some reason carbon dioxide is relatively expensive to order by itself. I'd just suggest getting a whole comprehensive metabolic panel instead (they include CO2 and are around the same price).

Here are the companies I've found that allow you to order carbon dioxide directly:

Take a look at my state-specific issues page if you're in AZ, MD, NJ, NY or RI.

Understanding the results

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry has helpful pages for understanding the test and answering common questions.

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If you're interested in self-testing as I am, you might enjoy my explainer videos and my Facebook / Twitter.


Please leave a comment if you see a way to improve this page or if you have any questions. Keep in mind that I know little about the medical side of bloodwork, I just enjoy making sites with lists of things.

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