Checking magnesium without a doctor

Dan Wich looking disgusted at a urine test

By: Dan Wich

Order magnesium blood testing online

In the majority of US states you can order magnesium testing online and have the blood drawn at a local blood draw center (see my general overview of the process).

The most common magnesium test is serum magnesium.

I'd suggest ordering from Life Extension because they have the cheapest price I know of ($22), and I've been happy with their service. You can also compare the other 6 magnesium test providers I've found.

Take a look at my state-specific issues page if you're in AZ, MD, NJ, NY or RI.

Sources for possibly-superior RBC testing

I haven't personally looked into the issue, but a lot of magnesium supplementation advocates argue for magensium RBC testing instead of serum testing. Here's the providers I found for that, it's typically around 2x the cost of the serum testing:

Sources for urine magnesium excretion testing

I've only found one place doing urine testing:

Sources for sublingual epithelial cell testing

Some people argue that this is the best (though also most-expensive) way to test magnesium levels. The only lab I've ever found for it is IntraCellular Diagnostic's EXA Test. But I've only found references to people getting it through doctors that have an existing relationship with the company, so I don't know how a regular consumer would order it.

Understanding the results

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry has helpful pages for understanding the test and answering common questions.

Magnesium supplementation

I've got a big ol' collection of pages on magnesium supplementation at my other site. I even tried to look professional for it by wearing a tie in the author photo. Extreme measures, I know.

If you're interested in self-testing as I am, check out my Facebook or Twitter account where I post interesting self-testing news and get a little too excited about blood test sales.


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